Third Eye

1. The Great Secret and the Great Illusion

2. Relationship with the present moment is unalterable

3. Expressions of Life

4. Action without Risk

5. Stillness and Action

6. Misery of others

7. There is no ultimate winning or losing

8. Nature and mind are in perpetual tension (external link)

9. Instant Digest(external link)

10. Fusion (external link)

11. The Mechanism of Now

12. Life is Bound by Accidents, Diseases, Losses Despite Advances in Technology

1.The Great Secret and the Great Illusion

Can you see that you are always facing resistance in the form of pain and uncertainty, which is hindering your free movement, which is hindering the way you want to live, the way you want to possess, the way want to operate in life? 
Can one be just aware of this resistance?
Can one just recognize this resistance?
Can one just absorb this resistance?
Can one just be one with this resistance?
Can one just face this resistance?
This facing ends the whole game.
What the mind is doing is to cover up, escape, explain away this resistance by coining some satisfactory idea?
What ever you may do this resistance can not be undone.
It will show up again and again till you face it.
Comforting ideas cast a veil over facing it.

But why to face it?

To know the Truth of Existence, the Secret of Existence, the Great Secret, the Great Illusion

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2. Relationship with the present moment is unalterable

To operate in the world, every moment has to be taken as given for action. You cannot say that you do not like the moment. It is there like an insurmountable mountain before you. Not to accept it is to break your head by saying, 'why it is there'.

Does it mean that we cannot change the things, if we do not like?
Your choice, your action is for the next moment and not for the given moment. In fact, your acceptance of the present moment without any ifs and buts fuses you with an energy, which itself impels you for further action. This acceptance makes you aware of the unaware, automatic responses of the mind. You become aware, how your mind is working in a programmed manner. This awareness puts you on a different track.

Non-acceptance of the painful moment is to fight an illusory battle; the battle can never end because the non-acceptance causes a division within as if some one else is responsible, whereas in actuality this division does not exist. Acceptance of the present moment is the first and last step towards that oneness, which is the source of all life.

But the acceptance of the moment without blaming, complaining, feeling guilty is itself painful ?
The difference is that in non-acceptance, you escape the impact of the pain by any wishful thinking, entertainment even by thinking that it will be alright in future. In acceptance, the pain pierces you, opens the blocked channels, you automatically move towards oneness. 

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3. Expressions of Life

Anger, fear, hatred, anxiety, stress, pain, thinking are the expressions of life.
So are the feelings of pleasure, happiness, joy, thinking.
Anger and so on is rejection of (disagreement with) ‘what is’.
Pleasure and so on is agreement with ‘what is’.
Neutrality is ignoring ‘what is’.
These three states are the expressions of life. Life vibrates through these states.
So whatever ‘what is’ (plus agreement, disagreement, neutrality) is the expression of life.
‘What should be’ ensnares the mind from ‘what is’.

There is no way these expressions can be undone or selected. 
You are helpless. 
This helplessness lets you touch the no-conflict zone. 

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4. Action without Risk

Can there be action without risk so that I may act freely without being dependent upon results for my release, joy?

When at the moment of action, you are not seeking satisfaction in respect of results; you eliminate all the risk thereby.

But the results may not be in my favour?

You have to be ready for this at the moment of action.

But being ready means nothing; my anxiety still does not go?

Just be clear that at the moment of action, you have no choice as to the results. It is psychological error to feel satisfied about future results now. Can you see it? To think at the moment of action whether the result will be favourable or not is an extraneous thought, which causes leakage of energy. You can never be certain now about the future. The next moment is uncertain. By acknowledging its uncertainty, by acknowledging the error, you release yourself from the fetters of your imaginations. There is release of sufficient energy within you to act.

The energy that was locked in seeking satisfaction through expectations is released. Then your efforts do not bother you. Be sure that the universe does not exist to punish you because of lack of knowledge or capacity. It is only the illusion of seeking satisfaction about the future results now that troubles you. Whatever knowledge or capacity you have at a particular moment is sufficient to act without risk. Such actions are always without any regret.

Now what happens, you do not depend upon the achievement of plans and targets for your satisfaction. Now they have different meaning for you.

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5. Stillness and Action

You open your fridge, milk spills over. 
Your car is hit by another vehicle.
Your children are not getting good marks.
You are in disagreement with your boss in the office.
Your client has harmed your interests.

In all the situations, mind pulls you down by positing as if you are in lack and tries to fulfill itself by 
complaining, blaming (others or fate) or feeling guilty.     

Can one see lack desires satisfaction by some idea? Can one ignore this movement not by an action of the will but spontaneously?

Not even ignoring, just seeing the whole movement is the end of the game.

Your target of business has been achieved.
You have got the promotion. 
You have invented some new product or process. 
You have completed some difficult task. 
Prices of shares in your portfolio have zoomed.

In all the situations, mind jumps to take credit, to give credit to others, to eulogise hard work, to thank gods, 
to ascribe it to fate, karma and so on.

Can you see how mind wants to fix the situation to some psychological comfort in one way or the other?

Can you see in lack as well as in fulfillment, mind is stilled when it finds  no ground of satisfaction to lean on? 
In that stillness, there remains  nothing between you and the outer situation. There emerges action to meet the demand of the situation.

This is your connection to the ‘whole'.

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6. Misery of others

A child watching the trail of destruction left by Gujarat Earthquake queried his mother. The normal answers could be: 
(a) some scientific explanation,
(b) some religious explanation,
(c) or just a refusal to reply saying that such earthquakes are not possible in this area. 
Now this mother instead replied that earthquakes sometimes do come and that such a natural thing can happen here also. 
With such an answer, child's mind becomes unagitated. He does not see earthquake as something not related to him. Now to such a mind, you can give scientific or religious explanation; it will find the 'truth'.

Inquiry can always be with a settled mind; otherwise it is just a passing curiosity. 

Tragedy struck the Asian (Tsunami earthquake) shores. Every body who had listened and seen was shocked and bewildered, reacting in whatever ways his mind was inclined.

There were those:
Who ignored it considering it a natural aberration;
Who considered the destruction as our scientific incapacity to monitor;
Who offered help to the tragedy stricken;
Who considered it as an act of punishment by God;
Who wanted to gather as much news as possible and show through media;
Who wanted to take off (loot) any thing that had not been washed away;
Who were organizing to provide help on mass scale;
Who were feeling guilty that they were unable to offer help;
Who were feeling guilty that they were enjoying their normal life,
while others were suffering;
Who were feeling safe that such tragedies were not possible in their areas, it was related to only those unfortunate;
And so on.

Through all our reactions, we were trying to satisfy ourselves, finding an outlet to our fear of death and deprivation.

When we become aware that we are deriving satisfaction (blocking ourselves) in any manner by looking at the fact of tragedy, we feel immense energy within us to deal with the fact in an appropriate manner. We feel one with the tragedy stricken. We feel as we have been washed away. We feel the pain and agony of deprivation. 

When we are psychologically satisfying ourselves in any manner by looking at the fact of tragedy, we are avoiding the jerk of agony and deprivation, which the moment wants to give us. Be one with the fact and see the wonder. 
Death reveals its secret to you, the individual, the human being.

Then what to do?
Just see what is happening not only outside but inside you also. When some untoward happening is there, we cover up our fear as it can happen to us also; we start complaining, gratified in telling the details of the incident.

You cannot erase your fears, whatever you may do. You will have to have the jerk of the fear as a human being as if the incident happened to you. This jerk frees you from the fear and connects you to the unbound energy.

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7. There is no ultimate winning or losing

There is no ultimate winning or losing, pleasure or pain.
All winning and losing are for mind’s consumption so that it may remain busy.
So that it may know the truth.
Mind is inflated in winning and deflated in losing.
Can one see this as a fact?

Mind is inflated in pleasure. It is so.
Mind is deflated in sorrow. It is so.
The inflation and deflation are acted upon by thought by some idea. Can one see it?
The entry of idea does not let the inflation and deflation work automatically. Inflation and deflation are system’s devices to maintain life.
Mind resists these by coining ideas, that is, likes inflation and dislikes deflation. 
The abortion of idea is a step to the unknown.

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11. The Mechanism of Now

You can not escape, undo or erase any unpleasant feeling or thought. When you are safe and secured in the moment, only then unpleasant thoughts disturb you.

Can one see this?
Mind is troubled as it wants to solve the ‘unpleasantness’ now. It wants to feel the comfort of solving something Now, which can not be dealt with or solved Now. It becomes busy in fighting with unpleasant thoughts as if to feel comfortable Now.

Can one see that the fight is illusory?
Just seeing that nothing can be done Now to feel comfortable about the unpleasant thoughts attunes you to supreme relaxation. You are open to a new dimension.

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12. Life is Bound by Accidents, Diseases, Losses Despite Advances in Technology

Life has not moved an inch away from accidents, diseases, losses despite advances in technology and other economic and scientific innovations. Death is still an enigma despite the fact that we have accepted it as inevitable.

To explore this is fundamental inquiry.

We think as if Science, Economics or the idea of God will resolve the issue.

Can you see that any idea postpones the issue?

Either the question does not arise in you or you adjust yourself with explanations.

But if you are adamant to resolve the question, to know the reality of the issue — that you want an answer now, you are bent upon.

Suddenly, you realize that there is no one to answer. You are Alone. From whom you are seeking answers?

Now you will touch the original pain, the original resistance, the original energy on which the Life is sustained. The need for answers suddenly drops; you become one with Life as it is.

You touch the unending stream of Life. The mystery of existence starts unfolding.

The world arises by your being conscious of it. You and the world is a singular process, is the Total Field. Senses see, touch, listen and so on, breathing in and out is going on, there is memory and imagination and thoughts arising in the mind. This is the format of Life. Even the idea of God or ‘who created this Universe’ arises as thinking, that is, within this format.

But how life is operated?
This is again thinking. The life process is from moment to moment which includes your memory, imagination, thinking. What you feel — sadness, happiness, confusion, irritation and so on, it is all within the process. You can not run away from what you experience.

The error has entered the human mind that it should stay pleased, relieved all the time. The idea of God is also used as a relief seeking device. Thus all inquiry is stopped. For those who believe or not believe, it is simply becomes an idea to seek relief by believing or rejecting. Once you notice this — you are one with the endless, restless process of life. You begin to see ‘what is True’.

You and the world is one process. Mind posits as if there is something ‘other than’ this process, something ‘apart’ from this process, simply to seek relief from what it does not like in this process.

Once it sees that the uneasiness of facing the disliked can not be thrown out of the mind — Totality is realised.