The End

The end of all our endeavours is the understanding of truth.

Our efforts go to increase the efforts until the truth dawns.

We go on expanding our knowledge; the end of all knowledge is the understanding of truth.

We go on expanding our possessions; the end of this venture is the understanding of truth.

We go on depending upon relationships for release; the end of this dependence is the understanding of truth.

We go on discovering new lands; the end of all discoveries is the understanding of truth.

We go on innovating through science and technology; the end of all science is the understanding of truth.

We go on putting our feet on the moon, on the other planets; the end of all our spatial ventures is the understanding of truth.

We go on finding ways to be healthy, to treat diseases; the end of all diseases is the understanding of truth.

We go on finding newer ways of entertainment, pleasure; the self sustained entertainment is the understanding of truth.

We go on seeking God through religion, through other techniques; the end of all search is the understanding of truth.

We go on desiring peace, harmony; the end of all desires is the understanding of truth.

We go on harping about the negativities of life, the understanding of truth silences us.

We go on complaining, blaming about corruption, war, terrorism, the understanding of truth silences all our complaints.

We live with fear, 'what may happen tomorrow', the understanding of truth silences all our fears.

We are afraid of death; the understanding of truth takes away the fear of death.

We are enmeshed in our problems and their solutions; the understanding of truth lets us cross this matrix.

We are perplexed on seeing the natural disasters, the unsolved mysteries of nature; the understanding of truth unravels all mysteries.

We are trying to solve poverty, shortages through economics; the understanding of truth lets us act without any sense of lack, shortage.

All discoveries, innovations, science, economics and so on are a source of enjoyment only when truth dawns, otherwise we are warding off our pain, shortages through all our ventures. We are enjoying in contrast to pain.

We try to find solace now through future, the understanding of truth lets go off this contrast 'now vs. future'.

We are feeling high by doing social service, charity, the understanding of truth puts us in place.

You are doing good to others, you are humble- but without understanding the truth, all goodness, humility is vanity.

Your stress, your anxiety, your anger and so on, all trouble you until the truth dawns.

All your demands (psychological) cease when the truth dawns.

Living is struggle and achievement until the truth dawns.

Living is celebration when the truth dawns.

You are escaping, shifting the jerks of uncertainty until the truth dawns.

Uncertainty is the operative element of the system.

Seeking certainty in this or that keeps you in confusion.

Mind is confused in this or that.

See the wonder, mystery in uncertainty and not confusion.

Your senses are your instruments to experience. You are confused between good - bad, moral - immoral, important - unimportant, sacred - profane and so on.

You welcome success and reject failure. It is your standard of measurement that measures success and failure, that is all. Reject all standards and see the wonder.

One is not aware that one is seeking (truth) through all one's activities. The understanding of truth ends all seeking. One becomes dumb founded in awe on seeing the truth.

Truth is revealed to the individual.


Why should I listen to all this?

There is no attraction to listen, mind moves to inquire pain, suffering, compulsions or to understand if there is any meaning to life. This inquiry ignited with intensity takes root and changes the track of obtaining satisfaction through the play of senses and mind with the outer world.

Does not science have the same objective?

It pre-supposes that man can know, understand the truth with the help of senses (including all the instruments), and the mind. It does not question the motive of the mind in its search. Questioning the motive of the mind puts an end to all search, you become one with Life. The motive keeps the mind tied; whatever search you make is limited. Questioning the motive changes the purpose of search from satisfaction to inquiry and seeing the wonder of reality.


What ever is conveyed through fundamental expressions, just go through. To go through it is meditation. There is nothing to implement. When the point is understood, it will automatically take root. It is concentration of total energy, which is not mine or yours.

You land in the wonderland.

We are enclosed by what our senses show. We can not go beyond. When we move, we move with our space, with our enclosure. Apart from this enclosure, everything is memory, imagination, thinking. Whatever may happen, this structure does not change. It means this structure is the Original.Even the ‘idea of God or who created this Universe’ arises as thinking, that is, within this field.

Inquiry into the Format of Life


How to confirm what is written in these pages?

The instrument to confirm is again the mind, the working of which is under observation. Truth is ‘what is’- to confirm ‘what is’ is to again put it in the thought process. If you see all this within you, that is fine. You understand it, that is fine. If one does not understand it, that is also fine. The understanding is not a process based on thought. It is to speed brake the momentum of thought with wonder. The machine (mind) which we want to rectify can not be used to confirm the rectification before rectification. And after rectification? The question drops. Because truth shines, which needs no confirmation.