You Are Trapped In solving your problems

1.Bondage is Illusion

2.The Problem making Mechanism

3.Compulsive Movements

4.Patterned Living

5.Psychological Nothingness Liberates you

6.Negative Situations

7.Life is Celebration

8.You are Totally Secured

9.Understanding the Freedom Delivers

10.Nectar of Joy is here only- in your Natural State

Bondage is Illusion

Through his every activity and thought, man tries to move to a state of freedom. It is his innate desire though he may not be able to express it verbally. 
This desire can be expressed in words as :
To do as one wants.
Not to be bothered by others.
Not to be bothered by one's own thoughts.
Not to be bothered by disease, accident or losses.
Still to live in the world.
This freedom is man's natural state. This freedom remains elusive not because he has done something wrong, or his actions and thinking do not conform to a particular moral or ethical code.
You cannot have this freedom by any of your actions or by practising any technique. It would be dependence upon the technique. No body can transfer it to you. You would be dependent upon him. Freedom will be lost.
Universe is Order. It does not punish us in the form of disease, accident, conflict or losses because of our lack of knowledge or capacity.
The loss of freedom is the result of an illusion in the human mind. When the illusion is cleared, we release ourselves to unbound joy.
Let us explore.

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Compulsive Movements

The states of intoxication desired through drinks, sex, power, money and so on are indeed true, that is why these states have a strong attraction. To deny their attraction would be to deny the self. While enjoying, thought comes in and makes a dent in the psyche as if the enjoyment has been stolen from the normal life. Then again, we put ourselves in a state of denial so that we may enjoy in contrast to that denial. We become bound by this pattern.

Our intercourse with the material thing is over; we now become interested in enjoying 'taste' (thought) of taste. The senses enjoy the taste of material item, which is a natural phenomenon. It can never bind you. It is over when the item is no longer there. You are bound only by the thought of taste. The gratification desired by thought can never be quenched. So, it becomes your addiction.

Why not enjoy the thought of taste?
You can enjoy, but beware; this is only in relation to your state of denial. You will have to put yourself in a state of denial to enjoy the thought of taste. Hence, you find yourself miserable time and again.

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Psychological Nothingness Liberates you

When hung between two choices, one may make 'n' number of mental or emotional calculations but at the time of action, one must not feel attraction or resistance towards the side not chosen. Such actions are always right or they do not fit into right-wrong, good-bad, moral-immoral dualities. There is freeness at the moment of action which liberates you from the clutches of time and result. Therefore, the vulnerable point is the point of attraction or resistance towards the side not chosen.

It requires concentration and energy to watch oneself in action. Normally we are waylaid by the satisfaction promised by the result of the side chosen. In that attraction, we ignore the attraction or resistance given by the side not chosen. Until I feel completeness of the moment at the time of action, I shall be facing the attraction or resistance of the side not chosen, again and again. This is a timeless moment (each moment) provided to me so that I may get united to the 'whole'. Psychological freedom at the moment of action frees you from the results of action.

Silence, which is put together by thought, is friction. You cannot become silent with any effort of yours. Silence means effortlessness.

It comes when we become aware of the futility of taking any side(s) which thought is projecting.
I want to eat sugar. Thought comes in and stops that it is not good for health. Now if I do not eat sugar, there is friction in the mind. If I do not eat it, I am satisfied that I have controlled my senses. To overcome the friction of not eating, I want to convert it into my satisfaction of winning over my senses. This satisfaction is also a friction as it involves sacrificing the taste of sugar.

Can I watch that whatever side I choose, it will cause friction? Can I ignore this game of the mind, which wants to allure me, satisfy me in some thing or some idea? Can you watch the futility of selecting any side?
Just see one thing is sure to happen, you will eat sugar or you will not.

Can you step back and see the workings of your mind?
Can you ignore the satisfaction given by eating sugar or leaving sugar? The factual taste of sugar, which your senses sense has little to do with this game of the mind. The game of the mind is to drag you towards some satisfaction continuously.

Can you be aware of this mechanism?
The satisfaction enjoyed by you whether by eating or leaving sugar is sure to boomerang. It is always partial as the friction is looming side by side this satisfaction. The awareness of this mechanism is an invitation to 'wholeness' to operate. It will not matter whether the result is eating sugar or leaving sugar. You enjoy a sense of freeness by ignoring the satisfaction. This freedom is not dependant upon results.

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Negative Situations

When you are in a negative situation or feel bad in a negative situation (including disease, accident), you may think that it is because you were not careful or intelligent enough to ward off such a situation - learn that it is only due to the fact that you were gratified in your life somewhere that your connection to the 'whole' was weak, which gave rise to such a situation.

You may feel that your decisions were not cleverly taken or you lacked sufficient knowledge due to which the negative situation arose. There is nothing to feel guilty about, which is another game of mind to be satisfied in being low. Just watch and be assured that at whatever level of knowledge you are, unless you sleep in your gratifications, such situations would not be there or you will not feel bad in such situations. Your decisions at the moment or your knowledge are of peripheral importance; deep down it is an indication only that your cocoon is not the truth.

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Understanding the Freedom Delivers

No theory, philosophy or technique can lead you to be in that state. At the most, they can take you to the inquiry state, the journey beyond which is exclusive. No book, no teaching can go further. These can feed your inquiry. Once you yourself enquire into your own inner working, the function of the book is over. You take your own path. Till that time, you are simply gratified by books or teachers against your present state which you term as unsatisfactory.

There is no application of what has been stated. You understand, that is all. If you try to apply this and obtain results, you are in the same circle.

It is mutation in the brain itself and not to influence or affect the outer actions consciously through some effort.

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Nectar of Joy is here only- in your Natural State

Watching your inner reactions without any motive of satisfaction in any polarity is meditation. You have to abandon struggle, effort, motive and hope in watching your reactions. In fact, this is the only jump, which one has to take devoid of thought. Abandoning the motive puts you in a state where action is effortless. This abandoning the motive is not with reference to any thing. In the inner temple, you are to go naked shorn of all psychological loadings. Even if you have loadings on your mind, let there be silent submission that you are unable to unload. Things will be taken care of. But you are not concerned with this. You have drunk the nectar of joy.
You may come to a state when this attentive flow becomes natural, all time. Something happens which will be exclusive to you. You cannot invite this state with effort.

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