What else is there to be known?

We are to earn money, live and enjoy- that is all. What else is there to be known?
That the present mind is working in a programmed manner.
Why do I not know that my mind is working in a programmed manner?
Mind is always seeking satisfaction. It takes this seeking as true. This is the only error.
But I can not know that I am seeking satisfaction?
One knows pain, conflict and release from pain and conflict. One takes this matrix as true, real. One is not aware that this satisfaction from release of pain, conflict is a false movement.
What is the root of pain and suffering?
To feel satisfied, seek satisfaction that any possession, relationship, situation, idea is good, important, sacred, moral, right, beneficial and so on apart from its use, is the psychological comfort to which the mind clings. Similarly, satisfaction is sought in avoiding bad, unimportant, profane, immoral, wrong, harmful and so on. It is a bend in the mind and is present in all our actions. It is almost impossible for the present mind to work without this psychological comfort. It feels satisfied in this venture. The contra reaction ignored will always follow me (as pain, suffering) so that I may understand the futility of selection.
To project future as satisfactory or to consider past as satisfactory or to label the present as satisfactory is the mind's game.
It means there is nothing as good, right and so on?
Every thing that is cognizable by the senses and mind has usage value, functional value only. This is the right relationship with every thing. To seek satisfaction in considering it as good, right and so on is to invite its contra.
So the satisfaction should be avoided?
Any thought would be a part of the cycle, even considering this understanding as good. Only awareness of this fact in day to day activities takes one to the fluid state of mind. It is the ingrained habit of the mind to seek satisfaction. You can not stop it. By only understanding and watching the error without any reaction, it dissolves.
What should I do when suffering, pain, stress is there?
The present however painful is like a solid wall. To say that you do not accept it is a psychological error. If the present is unfavourable to you, all corrective actions can be taken in the next moment only. There are no corrections in the present. The acceptance of the present without any reaction automatically shows further action. This observation exhilarates you, which makes the efforts joyful. You do not wait for results to make you happy. Efforts and results as time-punctuated entities lose their meaning. Efforts and results become part of the same stream of joy.
During all intense experiences, that is, pain, anger, stress, happiness, mind either wants to justify, indulge or feel guilty, complain. Can one see this? If you see this within you, intensity engulfs you. You are taken to realms beyond thought. There is pure action, which is beyond the right-wrong duality.
But is this not surrender, dullness?
If you understand, there is mutation in the psyche such that all your actions are fused with an intensity. Your dependence upon results for happiness goes.
Why should I accept the results?
You have no option. All your options are for the next moment, for fresh actions. You may make corrections.

Then what is the difference between our present actions and what is being suggested?
You do not take the results as settled. You think how results can be unfavourable, painful. So your next actions are related to further results in a tense mode; the cycle continues. You are always acting from a sense of lack.

What is being suggested is that there is no need to relate action and results in tense mode. Your non-acceptance of the results is a psychological error, once you see it; you are in a settled state with painful results also. And this fuses you with an energy, where from further action automatically evolves. The movement becomes from sufficiency to sufficiency instead of at present from lack to sufficiency.

* Stress (we may call it a state of non-freedom, bound, compulsion) comes without my intention.
It can not go with my efforts or intention. By various escapes we postpone it, it erupts again. 
But if it has come without any fault of mine, it means universe is not order. But universe is order.
It means something has happened of which I am not aware. But I can not hold my self responsible (guilty) for the same as I am impelled by my nature to act.

Meditation on the above reveals the fundamental error, which has gone into the mind.

* Demand for peace is noise within. Demand for peace arises not because I do not want noise but because I select certain noises (situations) as comfortable and others uncomfortable. It is the disturbance of these uncomfortable noises that raises the demand for peace.
Now the demand for peace becomes another favourable noise, which perpetuates the difference between uncomfortable noise and demand for peace. Peace never comes. Because the world is made for noise, action. It is the expression of that unfathomable peace. If I can understand my selection of certain noises as comfortable and others as non-comfortable, peace dawns, which is not contra to noise but part of it.

What is the present moment awareness?
That the mind is always running to the next moment, future to seek satisfaction. That the next moment, future is always alluring you.

But if the future seems to be pleasurable, satisfactory, exhilarating, why should I not enjoy it?

The pleasure in future will be for future only. It can not be a cause of satisfaction today. Mind wants to feel satisfied in respect of future's pleasure now. If this error is seen, 'what is' becomes pleasurable. The actual enjoyment of future would be at the actual time, when it becomes 'what is'. So the non-erroneous enjoyment is in 'what is', which is always there before us.
It does not mean that the present should be treated as satisfactory. It would be another thought, which wants to allure you.